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Nuwar Nissan Children Festival 2016

The Bibliobus participated in the Nuwar Nissan Festival for children this year.

Every year the festival has a topic, this year it was: "We and the sea". Since the water situation for the Palestinians living in the West Bank is really hard, children are not used to travel to the sea or to see it. So with the topic of: ''We and the sea'' we wanted to create a way to bring the children closer to the sea, even if it is so hard for them to reach it.

For the opening we organised to bring the children to the outskirts of Ramallah up to a beautiful hill, called Ain Kinia. In cooperation with Mashjar Juthour, one of the only eco-parks in the Palestinian Territories, we offered a small hike up the hill, a origami workshop, a tour through the garden of Mashjar Juthour and at the end a storytelling performance by Fidaa Ataya.

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