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A New Exhibition Space in Town

For the last four months the French-German Culture Centre has rebuilt, remodeled and renovated a new space to finally be able to provide artists from Palestine, Germany and France an adequate space to present their work within the center. The remodeling was conducted with the help of the Architects of AAU ANASTAST. The space is to be a laboratory as well as a platform for professional artists as well as new-comers. It will be a location for cultural exchange and will focus primarily on contemporary art.

An advisory board of experts of the local art scene as well as the cooperation with the International Art Academy Palestine will anchor the space into the Palestinian cultural landscape. For 2016 students of the International Art Academy Palestine will take over for a period of time and manage the space as their gallery by experimenting with their own curatorial and organizational concepts.

The space provides 150 m2 of exhibition walls and 217 m2 of ground space. It also includes 4 moving walls, which can be used to play with the space. The space can also be remodeled to host lectures, film screenings or even small concerts.