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Auf dem Weg

We are excited to announce that the following artists have been selected by the jury of the project “Auf dem Weg - ع الطريق – En chemin“:

-Mirna Bamieh and Suzanne Matar (Palestinian Territories)
-Mohamed Abusal (Palestinian Territories)
-Dima Srouji (Palestinian Territories)
-Lukas Zerbst (Germany)
-Arts Collective Edna Martinez and Romeo Natur (Germany)
-Michael Maurissens (Germany)
-Maxime Peltier (France)
-Yasmeen Benabdallah (France)

The different artists will be working together on their projects with the Palestinian artist and curator Jack Persekian in a two-weeks residency in Sebastia.

Stay tuned and keep checking our Facebook for daily posts featuring the artists and their work!